• A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each purchase.
  • This authenticates your Opal as of Australian origin, natural Opal and the type of Opal.
  • This is important for Authenticity, Insurance purposes and Valuation.
  • Opal Stones have their type, weight, pattern and Opal field of origin.
  • Opal Jewellery include a description of the Opal, the Gold or Silver content and the style of the Jewellery.
  • Each Certificate includes the serial number of the receipt of purchase.



  • All purchases are processed in Australian dollars.



  • Customers are offered a 30-day money back guarantee on all internet purchases from this website.
  • The 30-day period commences upon the dispatch of your purchase.
  • Jasmine Opals must be notified of your intention to return the product before this period finishes.
  • The customer will cover the cost of freight of the return.
  • The goods must be received in the original condition of purchase and undamaged before a refund can be issued.
  • Transactions can only be refunded to the Credit Card, Bank account or institution of the original order.
  • All purchases including refunds are processed in Australian Dollars. ( refunds may vary according to exchange rates )



  • We do not share any of your Customer Information.

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